Collonil stretch spray инструкция

Apply an even, thin layer to the leather with a cloth or an applicator brush. Our spray bottle is perfect to make sure you do not wet it too much – just one spray should deliver sufficient water. Material bags are best for storage in a box. How to clean patent shoes and bags Patent is a treated leather with a high gloss finish. Counteracts cracks in the upper material. (Please note that the color representation can differ for technical reasons.) Lack Mousse Classic Care and protect for smooth patent leather €10.50 Amount: Cares and protects smooth patent and crush patent leather.

Nubuk + Textile Classic Liquid colour care for suede and textiles €6.95 Size: 100 ml 75 ml Amount: Liquid care for shoes of suede leather, textiles and high-tech materials. Step 1: Gently brush the shoes with a horsehair brush to remove anything from the surface. Vario Classic Protection and conditioning for material combinations $17.95 Size: 200 ml ($8.98 / 100 ml) Amount: Waterproofs and conditions special materials such as leathers with metallic finishes, synthetics, fur, stretch, felt, suede and all material combinations. The heat generated from the friction helps «glass» the wax polish, thereby creating the high-gloss shine that people are sure to notice. From canvas to cotton, nubuck to nylon, we’ve got everything you need to keep your treads ready for anything.

Обязательно! У нас есть антибактериальный дезодорант — collonil аэрозоль для обуви, предназначенный для придания свежести внутренним обувным поверхностям. Лучшим решением для этого становится немецкий педантизм и передовые технологии товаров от Collonil, реализуемых в ! Syncare Classic Conditioning foam, especially for synthetics €10.50 Size: 200 ml (€5.25 / 100 ml) Amount: Special conditioning for stretch nappa, elastic nappa and fine synthetics in leather looks. Therefore care should be taken when wearing against light coloured clothing. Trust us, your shoes, boots, socks and feet will thank you for it. Save your footwear from a life of mistreatment with regular maintenance and your feet will love you for it.

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