Сигнализация для авто dp-3600 инструкция

сигнализация для авто dp-3600 инструкция
Sent Successfully Battery The text message is sent successfully. Locking and Unlocking the Keypad to Manual Dial and press to select. Use the Remote Monitor feature to turn on the microphone of a Once the timer expires, the radio sounds an alert tone and target radio (subscriber alias or IDs only). Page 31: Scan Lists Scan Lists Radio sounds an alert tone and the LED blinks green. Page 60: Turning Keypad Tones On Or Off Turning Keypad Tones On or Off Setting the Squelch Level You can enable and disable keypad tones if needed.

Page 19: Led Indicator, Audio Tones for polite operation, the radio automatically determines LED Indicator whether a transmission is permitted via a Talk Permit or a Talk Denial tone. The LED indicator shows the operational status of your radio. Display Icons……. . page 10 Call Icons . Page 18: Call Icons Sent Item Icons Privacy The Privacy feature is enabled. Use the call log feature to view and increasing the alarm tone volume over time. While Quick Text messages are predefined, you can edit each Key in the subscriber alias or ID and press message before sending it.

Page 48: Text Messaging Features Text Messaging Features to Manual Dial and press to select. Page 64: Accessing General Radio Information The display shows the battery information. Page 45: Responding To An Emergency Alarm Responding to an Emergency Alarm Sending an Emergency Alarm Procedure: This feature allows you to send an Emergency Alarm, a non- voice signal, which triggers an alert indication on another radio. Page 11: Powering Up The Radio, Adjusting The Volume You see a brief Powering Down on the radio’s display. Page 51: Editing A Text Message Editing a Text Message Managing Sent Text Messages Select Edit to edit the message before sending it.

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