Инструкция digital recorder model svr

инструкция digital recorder model svr
The other side of the unit has a hold key and the repeat key. Press the [MENU] button to set the dwell time. Event Channel For the SVR-3200, Ch1 ~ Ch32 are available. The main controls are located on the opposite side of the unit and they consist of mode, play/stop/advance and record/stop buttons. The mechanically complicated recorders themselves also proved somewhat unreliable. The 60-minute videocassettes proved very unreliable, suffering numerous snags and breakages due to the very thin 17μm video tape.

Web Viewer’s structure consists of the log-in page, monitoring monitor and playback monitor. Page 45: How To Set A Camera User Manual 6.3.1 How to Set a Camera Press the [MENU] button and use the navigation keys or the mouse wheel to select a desired channel from the «Channel» menu under the «Display» menu of Display Setup. Title Specify the camera name. Other, rarer Philips models included stereo sound and editing capabilities. Click on the screen to manipulate camera position. Page 36: Thumbnail Search : Select a channel.

Clicking left or right of the cross will pan the camera and above or below will tilt it. The Philips VCR system was groundbreaking and brought together many advances in video recording technology to produce the first truly practical home video cassette system. The monitoring page is used to watch live visual feed or to perform other functions allowed with the account’s authority level. Type Int A (Internal A HDD), Int B (Internal B HDD), Ext (External HDD) : Displays HDD models.

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