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The greater variation in ONH parameters compared with RNFL thickness parameters represents additional evidence that RNFL thickness parameters are more robust than ONH parameters for the consistent follow-up of glaucoma patients. All other diagnoses or conditions require authorization for contact lens services and supplies. Our findings differ from the results published by Mesiwala et al,12 who showed no significant differences between the demarcation methods for any measurement parameter. Glaucomatous optic nerve damage was defined as neuroretinal rim narrowing, notching, excavation, or RNFL defect. Recipients under 21 years old and adult recipients with cognitive disabilities or seizure disorders may select approved deluxe frames. Comprehensive Vision Examination: A complete evaluation of the visual system.

Conclusions Our results indicate that soft contact lens use changes the ocular surface behavior and IOP readings during non-contact tonometry. Advertisement Archived Tweets Load more View all tweets. The software would then extrapolate the other points using these four manually adjusted points. The present study system was unable to evaluate the effects of such factors on the IOP readings.
Keep documentation of medical necessity for the above situations in the recipient’s medical record. Cont Lens Anterior Eye 30: 267–269. 10. Mark HH (1973) Corneal curvature in applanation tonometry. Am J Ophthalmol 76: 223–224. 11. Insler MS, Robbins RG (1987) Intraocular pressure by noncontact tonometry with and without soft contact lenses. The date of service for frames and lenses is the date the eyeglasses were ordered. Eyeglasses and vision care services are covered for eligible MHCP recipients who require vision correction. Intermediate Vision Examination: An evaluation of a new or existing specific visual problem complicated with a new diagnosis or management problem not necessarily relating to the primary diagnosis. Prog Retin Eye Res 2008; 27: 45–88. | Article | PubMed |Lai E, Wollstein G, Price LL, Paunescu LA, Stark PC, Fujimoto JG et al.

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