Инструкция пользователя icon nt

инструкция пользователя icon nt
Alternative Spellings Right-clicking on a misspelled word will display a list of alternative spellings. After you have installed Memsource Editor, open a bilingual MXLIFF file in it to start translating. MXLIFF files can be downloaded from Memsource Cloud via the Download button under Project. Because of this there is an additional check that will prompt a warning for the user to upgrade to the newest version manually if that version is extremely outdated. Segment Status Select one or more of the options below to filter segments with the desired status: Empty 1st Repetition Rep. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. Comments Comments can be added by clicking on the comment icon next to the segment.

The asterisk notifies users about term Note or Usage information. Check the spelling and grammar there and when you are done, save the bilingual DOCX and then reimport it into the Editor via Import from Bilingual DOCX under Document. IMPORTANT: Do not forget to save the changes in the DOCX file before importing it back to the Editor. From Memsource Jump to: navigation, search Memsource Editor is an application that is used to doing the actual translations. Once a user confirms a repeated segment, all the repeated instances of that segment below it will be updated with the confirmed translation. Repetition Exception Sometimes it is necessary to introduce a «repetition exception,» which allows a repeated segment to have a different translation than all the other repeated segments. Internal Spellchecker Spellchecker Memsource Editor has an integrated spellchecker which supports 141 languages.

The red term represents a rejected term — not to be used. S is a subsegment match. These are somewhat similar to terms except that they are automatically generated from the translation memory NT (not displayed here) stands for a non-translatable. This will convert the MXLIFF file into a bilingual DOCX file and open it in e.g. MS Word. This will ensure that a translation for such a segment will not change in line with the other repetitions. Starting with Memsource Editor version 3.97, the spellchecker has been completely redesigned, supports additional features (e.g. inline spell-checking, user dictionary, integration with QA) and is powered by Memsource Cloud. After correcting the misspelled word and confirming the segment, the user will be taken to the next segment with the misspelled words.

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