Renault megane 2 мануал

renault megane 2 мануал
However, we recommend that you get a professional to carry this out. The key function of transmission oil is to lubricate hypoid gears in manual and automatic transmissions for cars and trucks. Keep checking the oil level as described above in order to ensure that it does not overflow. Торможение поражает своей мощью, надежным сцеплением с дорогой и контролем за автомобилем. To familiarise yourself with the operations of your vehicle you may download your vehicle’s Driver’s Handbook as a PDF file. Transmission oil is a mixture of base oil and additives with very good anti-wear and anti-scoring properties and good stability to thermal oxidation.

Проворный на дороге и надежный на поворотах, Megane доставляет Вам истинное удовольствие своим активным и уверенным поведением в любых ситуациях. Checking the transmission fluid level requires working under the hood of your car with the engine running. Renault Megane Break также полностью адаптирован для украинской эксплуатации.enault Megane — компактный автомобиль малого класса.

This is where the transmission is located on most cars with rear-wheel drive.On cars with front-wheel drive, the transmission dipstick is usually located in the front of the engine, connected to the transaxle. Увеличенный дорожный просвет, металлическая защита поддона картера двигателя и расположенных под днищем топливной и тормозной магистралей помогают преодолевать сложные дорожные условия. Remember to screw the filling cap back on in accordance with the instructions in the user manual.

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