Казума гатор 250 инструкция

казума гатор 250 инструкция
Here are direct links to the spec sheets of the Kazuma Quad Bikes: 2007 Kazuma Quad Bike / ATV’s specs2006 Kazuma Quad Bike / ATV’s specs2005 Kazuma Quad Bike / ATV’s specs2004 Kazuma Quad Bike / ATV’s specs2003 Kazuma Quad Bike / ATV’s specs. You can purchase our Ignition Tune-Up Kit directly from our online store to ensure that more Tech Center guides like this one continue to be published. Getting started: How it all works The 150cc GY6 ignition system is fairly easy to troubleshoot in the case of malfunction. Квадроцикл находится в городе Капчагай Kazuma казума за 600 000 ₸ Добавить в избранное Оставить заметку с пробегом 2012 г., Квадроцикл, с пробегом, Продам квадроцикл казума!

But of course you still want to keep your ATV running smoothly and looking its best. There should be between 20vAC ~ 100vAC coming from the CDI power wire (Black/Red), although much lower voltages will still be able to produce spark.  jersey shore atvs, utvs, snowmobiles — craigslist favorited no longer favorited hidden no longer hidden RSS (?)<>. Connect your back multimeter lead to the black ground wire at the coil, and with the red lead to the lighter color wire (usually blue or purple, but it varies). At this step we are checking to see exactly what the CDI is outputting.

Being very careful not to deform or break the pin, remove the #5 wire from the CDI plug at the harness. Although there are many differences in wiring between models, most GY6 ignition systems work the same as shown in this illustration. Major Ignition Components Stator (6th winding and trigger pickup module) CDI unit Ignition coil Spark plug Troubleshooting instructions and diagrams further down this page. Minimum values:CDI output: Can be 5% to 30% less than the output from the stator. Latest posts by Travis @ Buggy Depot (see all) This guide covers almost any of the 150cc buggies, scooters, or ATV’s with the standard “AC” CDI setup. Call us at 262-514-3724 or email us at Business hours are 9 AM — 4 PM CST.

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