Руководство к факсу sharp ux p100

This operation will be executed at a rate of one sheet per 5minutes, and will be ended at a total of 10 sheets. 3. 8. Shading mode The mode is used for the shading compensation. The maximum number of sheets depends on the weight and size of the paper you are loading. Easy and simple disassembly/assembly procedures of some parts and units are omitted. This ensures that data on the edges of the document are not cut off. If desired, you can turn this function off and have received documents printed at full size.

Reinsert the paper in the paper tray and push the paper release plate back down. Page 42 Storing and Using Auto-Dial Numbers Press to exit. The lists and the report are described below. Using an auto-dial number Once you have stored a fax or phone number, you can use it to send a fax or make a phone call. Press to turn on the function, or to turn it off. STOP Press to return to the date and time display.

All calls, including faxes, must be answered by picking up the fax machine’s handset or an extension phone connected to the same line. Hit Function to return you previous level until you can choose RX Start Speed by hitting the Right Arrow. Page 61: Making Telephone Calls Making Telephone Calls Your fax can be used like a regular telephone to make and receive voice calls. To make or receive a phone call, the power must be on.

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