Service box инструкция по установке

The user can optionally specify —removeonsuspend «yes|no» to specify whether to remove the password from VM memory when the VM is suspended. Your provider’s mail server may be temporarily unavailable. Check the box next to Manually configure settings for e-mail account then click Next. One is default_policy which controls whether the autostart service allows or denies to start a VM for users which are not in the exception list.

Although modems and routers are different, for ease and convenience, most CenturyLink modems have a built-in router. You simply need to add them to the «Modes» list in the «Display» subsection of the «Screen» section. Furthermore the directory should have the sticky bit set. The exception list starts with exception_list and contains a comma separated list with usernames.
The webcam passthrough support can handle non-USB video sources in theory, but this is completely untested.The host webcam can be attached to the VM using «Devices» menu in the VM menu bar. The directory should have write access for every user who should be able to start virtual machines automatically. Consult the quick reference guide or the full user manual.

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