Инструкция кодак c330

инструкция кодак c330
Follow the on-screen instructions to install the software. Sort of on the pricey side for a 0.3 megapixel camera but Mavicas still seem to have a following on eBay. It is in good cosmetic and working condition. I bought a new off brand charger and battery from a different source on eBay. References[edit] ^ a b c d e f g Kodak Stereo Camera users manual, page 49 ^ Kodak Stereo Camera users manual, page 28 ^ a b c Amazing 3D by Hal Morgan and Dan Symmes page 49 ^ Amazing 3D by Hal Morgan and Dan Symmes page 45.

There is no optical viewing but the large 2.5 inch screen is good under most circumstances. Standard mount used by Kodak after 1958, note the modern color scheme. When driver installation is complete, click Done. On a computer with MAC OS: Select Apple > System Preferences. Pressing a button Entering a PIN NOTE: You will have two minutes to press or select the WPS button. It may be a button on the device or a virtual button in the device’s software.

Home mounting kits seemed to be against the philosophy of the Kodak stereo camera and by then third party support for stereo slide mounting and storage was pretty well established. Press to select Network Settings, then press OK. Press to select Advanced IP Address Setup, then press OK. Press OK again to continue. Pretty steep depreciation in ten years! It works well although it took awhile to figure that out.

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