Power saver инструкция

power saver инструкция
Middle pane: Resources The Resources pane shows dynamic graphics of the demands placed upon the CPU and RAM. To the right, a real-time graph offers constant updates on the NAS’s network transfer rates. The administrator ignores the prompts to add users and groups to each share since new users and groups have yet to be created. Status: A green circle means that the LAN port is connected to an active network. A white circle shows there is no connection to a network. The instructions below suggest adding all NAS OS devices at once. Choose the radio button next to Set limit and enter the quota in gigabytes (GB). Choose Save.

Add a user Choose Manage users and follow the wizard to completion. Click on the day of the week in the Power off column. In the pop-up window, choose the radio button next to Scheduled and set the time. Check the cover if the circle is not green.

Click a grey light to create a Seagate Access account for a user. Select the applicable setting to: Set Administrator Set local user Set storage quotas Limit the user’s storage capacity by following the steps below: Pass the cursor to the far right of the user’s row to make the Edit pull-down menu visible. Battery threshold level refers to the percentage of power available to the UPS’s battery. In the event that a working environment loses power, the NAS automatically powers off when the UPS reaches the threshold level. Enhanced data protection: NAS OS SimplyRAID No matter the capacity of your hard drives, NAS OS SimplyRAID will prepare the storage for immediate use as well as future expansion.

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