Инструкция по terostat 8590

инструкция по terostat 8590
Ideal for locking preassembled fasteners. LOCTITE 3090 Instant Adhesive — 2-component. Steel-filled kneadable stick for emergency repair. LOCTITE EA 3478 2-part, ferro-silicon filled epoxy resin system. Offers ease-of-application and complete mould coverage. LOCTITE HY 4090 Slightly cloudy to light yellow instant adhesive with a high viscosity/non-drip for use in structural bonding. High temperature resistance. LOCTITE 290 Threadlocking adhesive — medium/ high strength. Also demonstrates high strength and excellent weathering resistance. TEROSON MS 939 FR Flame retardant, industrial, elastic bonding adhesive.

Ready to use. BONDERITE S-PR 6776 Clear, yellowish, industrial dip/spray liquid parts pre-machining cleaner for and post-machining corrosion protection for long term storage. Non-flammable and non-combustible. LOCTITE SF 7200 Parts Cleaner — gasket remover. Long working life. LOCTITE PC 7118 2-part, ceramic-filled, brushable, epoxy-based surface coating for metals. Below you find application examples on direct glazing of windows. If you need further information on the products, please contact your local sales engineer.

Ideal for use where high vibration or flexing occurs. LOCTITE Sl 5700 2-part, ultra clear, polyaddition silicone sealant/adhesive for potting applications which cures at room temperature. An accelerated heat cure is also possible. Leaves no residue. LOCTITE SF 7070 Solvent-based (non-CFC), general purpose cleaner for plastic parts. Ideal for cleaning electrical contacts exposed to moisture or other contaminants. LOCTITE SF 7063 Parts Cleaner — general purpose.

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