Rearvier mirror car recorder инструкция

rearvier mirror car recorder инструкция
Firmware WARNING! MAKING CHANGES TO YOUR FIRMWARE ARE PERFORMED AT YOUR OWN RISK. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR DASH CAM AS A RESULT OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Firmware Backup Before updating your firmware, it is highly recommended to backup your existing firmware. This can be easily done using the following method. Download the desired firmware from the section below. Since the lens is exposed in this Rearview Mirror DVR, some people have adjusted the lens without disassembling the camera. This turns off the screen automatically and leaves it just as a mirror. The lens of the dash cam is not adjusted properly and needs to be turned or twisted until it is in focus.

You must use an micro SD-Card reader to perform this operation. Do not attempt to do this directly on the dash cam. When you are ready to review the video, a 4.3” LCD screen is illuminated in the mirror area. The display only comes on when required and is therefore not a distraction when in normal driving mode. Format a micro-SD card Create a blank DVPLS.txt file and copy to the micro-SD card Insert the card into the dash cam Hold down the “OK” button while holding down the “ON” key. Many people would not realize that this dash cam was installed in a vehicle. It has a 2.7″ screen built into the mirror. Как проверял: вечером в темной комнате, включил ИК на аппарате, и на ноуте включил камеру, что б увидеть, горят ли лампы или нет (лампы реагируют на вкл./выкл.), но на саму камеру они никак не реагируют, картинка не меняется вообще никак, а именно не видно нихрена если направить на темный участок.

The only solution is to replace the microphone but this is a relatively complex procedure. What makes this dash cam interesting is that, to the untrained eye, it looks like an oversized rearview mirror. It is 8cm tall and 31.5cm wide. Learn More International postage paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Learn More International postage and import charges paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Known problems Poor sound quality These dash cams are notorious for having crackling and hissing sounds when recording. In some cases the quality is so bad that you cannot hear conversations in the car.

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