Гриндекс герба стресс инструкция

гриндекс герба стресс инструкция
Like our renowned single-axis FOATM-100, our dual-axis fiber optic accelerometer is particularly well suited for end-winding vibration measurement in turbogenerators and large electric motors. The newly designed hydraulics section with its closed impeller is dramatically reducing the performance drop caused by long-term wear. The 3DDAS boasts the ability to secure the most accurate measurements possible. With no moving parts and Endress+Hauser reliability you will have a nearly maintenance-free level indication solution. For example, wind farms increase the need for reactive power, and SSS Clutches in gas turbine peaking units allow the generators to be used for VAR production while the gas turbine itself is shut down. With start-up expected in 2010, initial production capacity for the product will be 125,000 tons per year.

Worldwide, two CAES projects rely on SSS Clutches to shift motor/generators from compression to generator duty. The unique design includes a flexible heel and toe that auto-adjusts to belt sag and troughing angles maintaining a consistent, spill-proof seal. The recent enhancements to the technology open up new applications for these vaporizers, including hydrocarbon vaporizing. Air Pollution Control Systems McGill AirClean helps the power generation industry meet stringent emissions regulations with dependable, economical air pollution control equipment. Today, demand for such solutions ranges from gas-fired boiler operators to producers of wood-derived fuels such as pellets. These magnets are fabricated from heavy-steel plate with a thick, manganese, steel bottom plate.

One new slider seal, the PS Seal® from Expansion Joint Systems, uses a floating ring design with patented stainless steel flow-reducing seals in contact with the penetration pipe outside diameter and lateral movement plates. Competitive units provide air space within the magnet housing, where damaging condensation forms when moist air seeps in through the pressure relief valve as the magnet cools. Next, HPC adds links to the P&ID, images, and system description to allow the user to jump back and forth within the Power-Doc.

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